Realizing ambitions for Asset Maintenance & Service

I have a deep conviction that asset maintenance & service does not yet receive the attention it deserves. "Customer Experience" will be the main differentiator to meet the sustainability, profitability and labour market objectives. With "Service" you can create the required unique customer experience!

Let's meet

My name is Patrick Jansen. I am 38 years old and married with three children. I live in the Netherlands.

As the owner of SETRAX, I help industrial manufacturing and maintenance operations achieve efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction by harnessing cutting-edge technology, deep industry expertise, and a passion for service excellence. I have over 10 years of experience in leading and managing maintenance and service teams, projects, and solutions for various sectors and clients. I am excited to work with you and create genuine "moments of magic" for your employees and customers.


With SETRAX, my mission is to empower businesses in the asset manufacturing market segment to achieve their goals through innovative and customized interim and consultancy services. I am committed to providing exceptional value to clients by leveraging my deep industry expertise, strategic insights, and collaborative approach to problem-solving. My goal is to build long-term partnerships with clients based on trust, transparency, and results.

GOALS for you

When to consider my services?

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