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Introducing SETRAX Business Development

The catalyst for success in the industrial field service market. With a relentless focus on customer experience, SETRAX goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional value and drive growth for businesses operating in this sector.


In a highly competitive industry landscape, SETRAX stands out as the trusted partner for unlocking untapped potential and seizing new opportunities. SETRAX’s comprehensive suite of business development services is tailored to address the unique challenges faced by industrial field service providers, ensuring sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.


Customer experience is the key differentiator in today's market. SETRAX’s business development strategies are designed to elevate your customer experience, fueling loyalty, and attracting new clients. Here's how I can help you succeed:


Elevate your industrial field service business with SETRAX Business Development. My commitment to customer experience, combined with strategic insights and tailored solutions, propels your growth, fosters loyalty, and positions you as a leader in the industry.

Unlock your potential in the industrial field service market. Partner with SETRAX and experience the power of exceptional customer experience to drive sustainable success.

KPIs to measure SETRAX's success

When measuring the success of SETRAX business development services, several key performance indicators (KPIs) can be considered. The specific KPIs may vary depending on your business goals, objectives, and industry. Here are some common KPIs that can help measure the effectiveness of SETRAX business development services:



It's important to align your chosen KPIs with your specific business objectives and regularly track and analyze them to evaluate the success of SETRAX business development services and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Your Business Identity is unique!

Why do your customers choose you and not your competitor? Is that simply because you offer your products and services at the lowest price? Or might there be another reason why your customers do business with you? Most of the time the employees of a business speak of their products and services with pride and they are convinced that they offer something different from the competitor. But, when I ask the same employees about the customers, they sometimes tell me that the customer simply wants the products and services at the lowest price. Or, that we can only sell the products if we give the service away for free. 

Let me first relate this to the 'Business Identity'. Your Identity is unique and it is what differentiates you from everyone else. Your identity is defined by: 

Your identity is why a customer, an employee and a partner chooses to do business with you. 

Together we can define your identity and transform it to underline your business model. It will be the foundation of your proposition to the market. The identity is most likely already present in your organisation's culture and by making it tangible it will get more traction in and outside your organisation.  

The value of Service!

In the current service economy, customer experience (CX) is your main competitive value. This means that your business perspective about "service" needs to adapt accordingly. 

Use your Expertise to boost your service business model!

When done right your expertise will

If you want to know how to utilize your "Expertise" to boost your business, let's be in touch!